0.5 Watt 2.92mm Male Passivated Stainless Steel RF Dummy Load Termination, Rated to 40 GHz

  • Quantity 1-24: $156.70 USD
  • Quantity 25-49: $144.20 USD
  • Quantity 50+: $134.80 USD
More Information
Connector Type (A) 2.92mm
Connector Polarity (A) Standard
Connector Gender (A) Male
Impedance (A) 50 Ohm
Connector Angle (A) Straight
Connector Body Material (A) Passivated Stainless Steel
Connector Contact Material (A) Beryllium Copper (Gold Plated)
Interface NULL
Frequency 0 to 40 GHz
VSWR Max 1.25
Max Power .5 Watts
Operating Temperature -55 to +125 Celsius
ROHS Compliant Yes
Taa 1
0.5 Watt 2.92mm Male Passivated Stainless Steel RF Dummy Load Termination, Rated to 40 GHz
An RF dummy load is a basic device that electrically terminates RF coaxial ports. This device is sometimes otherwise known as a coaxial termination or terminator. Use of RF dummy load on unused RF coaxial ports is good practice and reduces noice and improves network performance.

At eWaveRF, we have RF & microwave coaxial terminations in-stock and ready to ship same-day from our Southern California headquarters. eWaveRF terminations are available in a variety of connector types including, but not limited to: 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 7/16 DIN, BNC, MCX Plug, N, Reverse Polarity SMA, Reverse Polarity TNC, SMA, SMB Plug, SMP, SSMA, SSMC Plug, and TNC. eWaveRF terminations are offered in a variety of power levels ranging from 0.5 watts to 50 watts and in a variety of frequency ranges from 1 GHz up to 50 GHz.Specifically, the EW930799 is a coaxial termination that has a power level of 0.5 watts featuring a 2.92mm male connector. This eWaveRF coaxial terminator has a maximum frequency rated to 40 GHz. Our EW930799 2.92mm male termination has a 50 ohm impedance.The EW930799 is manufactured with a body material of passivated stainless steel with no chain. eWaveRF's 50 ohm dummy load is RoHS compliant and features a maximum VSWR of 1.25:1.