About eWaveRF

About eWaveRF
With over sixty years of experience, eWaveRF is a full-service provider of radio frequency (RF) application support, components, testing, and sourcing assistance. Customers engage directly with our RF engineers (via chat, text, phone, and email) to optimize your application, design, and solution.

We offer a wide selection of high performance interconnect and passive components; including connectors, adapters, attenuators, terminations, dust caps, and cable assemblies. Custom cable assemblies will be available for purchase late 2021. Our products are proudly sourced in the USA and priced competitively to ensure the highest performing and cost effective solution. eWaveRF is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. We comply with the strictest industry standards to ensure our products and services consistently meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide technical expertise and support to achieve optimal performance for your radio frequency (RF) applications and solutions.

Our Promise

We promise our products will meet and exceed your expectations. eWaveRF ensures the most competitive pricing with Price Match Guarantee. All products come 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

eWaveRF Our Promise

Value Proposition

eWaveRF is a radio frequency (RF) service company who consult, source, and support all of your RF needs. Customers interact directly with our RF engineers to optimize design, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

Core Values

We believe relationships are built on trust.

Testing, training, and processes are the foundation of our business.

We serve our employees by providing challenging growth opportunities. We serve our customers by providing superior RF application and solution support, sourcing assistance, and premier customer service.

We believe the sum is greater than its parts and that diversity is the cornerstone of a strong organization.

Women and Minority Owned Certified Business

eWaveRF is founded by a team of women, who believe in equal opportunity in the RF and microwave components industry. eWaveRF strives to empower and promote the importance of women in a competitive business community.

eWaveRF Women and Minority Owned Certified Business